In rest, life begins

Abound in the fullness of life as your mind is at ease about your health.

Our Purpose

At Reste Medical, we aim to provide comprehensive preventive health screening services and quality experience of care.


We believe that preventive healthcare is vital for every individual.


By taking charge of your health, you can make informed choices about the lifestyle that gives you optimal health to fulfil your dreams. You can put your mind at ease and devote your energy to what matters most.

Our Clients

We aim to be a valued partner in your journey to better health through the provision of quality health screening and X-ray services.:




Tertiary Students

Visa Applicants

Our Commitment

We ‘see’ the person in you, not just literally because we run your blood tests. We see you being empowered to make better lifestyle choices by becoming more educated about your health.


Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing quality and attentive services. We adopt an evidence-based approach in our selection of screening tests.

Being restful,

I can smile


Our Mission

We are passionate about empowering every individual to take charge of health and wellness..


No matter what forms your dreams take, you need to be your healthiest to turn them into reality. The investment in health is a life-long process and being aware of your health status is the first step.

Being restful,
I can be bold